Company Profile

CEO Message

I wish to thank millions of our satisfied consumers for posing confidence in Shandy Cola. Succeeding in business in countries like Pakistan is very easy. Honesty, Quality, Availability and reasonable price are pillars at which the success rests.

Quality of consumer products is one issue where the developing countries constantly lag behind.

Shandy-Cola has resolved to ensure maintenance and constant improvement of quality of the product. The will of management to support the belief in quality of is visible through latest equipment and machinery installed at our bottling Units. Best Human Resource has been made available to ensure constant improvement in quality.

Internal customers are equally important for Shandy-Cola, where entrepreneurial approach by each employee is encouraged. This has resulted in improving loyalty and sense of ownership amongst them.

Partnering with stakeholders has helped us to achieve big success of being top sellers of soft drinks of Pakistani origin. It is hoped that Shandy-Cola will be accepted by foreign markets and find a respectable place in the world, Every Pakistani has the right to proud of Shandy-Cola’s success because shandy-Cola belongs to them.

Vision Statement

To be the innovative leaders in Thirst Quenching solutions, operating globally.

Mission Statement

To serve the consumers through our vision, improving quality continuously using latest technology and processes, parenting with stake holders, operating globally with a focus on micro markets at affordable prices.


1. Developing Brands of Shandy Cola – fulfilling promise of delivering Values to the consumer through:
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Delivery
  • Nutritional Value
  • Affordability
2. Remain market Leaders in Pakistani Soft Drinks in Pakistan.
3. Penetrate to improve Market share compared to multinationals.
4. Enter Foreign Market-Operate Globally.
5. Add line extensions & Diversity to meet the consumer’s changing demands.


Shandy Cola was established in 1995 to manufacture high quality carbonated drinks for the fast growing Pakistani market. Today, despite the competition dominated by major international brands, Shandy Cola is recognized as a leading Pakistani brand and credit goes to Shandy-Cola to set places for locally produced soft drinks among eminent international brands. We have won the trust of millions of Pakistani consumers by adopting the international quality standard. We are thankful to the millions of consumers who have given us confidence by appreciating our taste, quality and competitive pricing strategies. In order to facilitating the company’s growth in the food and beverages manufacturing community, Shandy Cola Pakistan has become known for its commitment to quality and working closely with segments. Specific tastes and trends are identified and product expectations are to meet or exceed these expectations.

Presently the company is successfully marketing its seven well-known products SHANDY COLA, LIMONCA, APPLE GOLD, SHANDY ORANGE and LYCHIA, ICE CREAM SODA, FOUNTAIN NEW, Shandy Laal Anaar, Shandy Zing and other favorite tastes are in progress.

Years of manufacturing expertise, Latest process machinery and automatic packaging facility, combined with tremendous efforts for quality assurance, enabled the company to virtually guarantee the supply of high quality, competitively priced Beverages of International Standard with the added convenience of P.E.T bottles.


The taste of happiness, traditions and travelling.

Nothing brings happiness into travelling, parties, serving guests like delicious and thrust quenching taste of Shandy . A chilling glass of any of your favorite flavor of Shandy Cola shares happiness with your love ones during parties, travelling and enjoying your spicy meals. Its irresistible taste makes you feel energetic and grown up!